Sixteen-year-olds S. Kumaahran and B. Sanjeet Dinesh, who have displayed extraordinary soccer skills, will undergo a two-month training stint in Belohorizonte, Brazil, beginning Feb. 25.

In August, last year, Kumaahran underwent a month’s training with the club at Belohorizonte.

Jaino Matos, Cruzeiro’s official representative in Malaysia, said the club was keen to send Kumaahran to undergo a soccer trial again, adding that Malaysians should be proud of the two teenagers.

"It (Cruzeiro) is a great and elite club. It would unearth the potential of Kumaahran and Sanjeet Dinesh.

"Frankly, both teenagers have potential to shine in the future,” he said today.

Matos is also football coach for the National Sports Council.

Earlier, Kumaahran and Dinesh, both from Georgetown, each received RM2,000 for expenses in Brazil, from Penang Indian Football Association president J. Dhina.

Kumaahran studies at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Mutiara Impian while Dinesh is with Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Bukit Mertajam. - BERNAMA